Top: Zobha Leggings: Lululemon Sneakers: New Balance (similar, love these, and these)

There are many ways and many reasons to elevate your style, even if it’s just with little, simple details. It’s easy sometimes to get stuck in a rut with clothes and start to feel bored wearing your same favorite outfits. I’m definitely not saying there’s something wrong with wearing your favorite outfits! By all means, go for it (I have my favorites too!). But I think it’s fun to take your favorite, casual outfit and jazz it up a bit with some different pieces!

Here’s My 5 Favorite Ways to Easily Dress up Your Active Apparel:

  1. ADD LEATHER– whether it be a jacket, shoes, or hat, it’s such an easy way to instantly add an edgy flair!
  2. ADD A CHIC, GLAMOROUS BAG- find a great, versatile bag that you love. A purse in a classic color is a great wardrobe staple to always look pulled together and a colorful bag makes a great statement and pop of color.
  3. STYLISH / COLORFUL SNEAKERS–  a pair of colorful or sleek black sneakers are just the ticket to adding an extra pop of style to your athletic wear! I like adding some colorful shoes to brighten up a neutral outfit (like this one). I also just love the comfy, sneaker athleisure trend!
  4. DETAILS / CUTOUTS– show some details or an unexpected bit of skin- Here I have chosen to highlight my strappy sports bra with the cut out back of this super soft shirt! For an even sexier look, you could nix the bra all together and just show the open back. BTW, this shirt from Zobha is one of the softest, comfiest ones I own!
  5. ADD SOME JEWELRY– once you’ve left the gym or yoga studio, throw on some rings, earrings, or layered necklaces! I personally love just a few pieces of simple jewelry to add some interest to a look. Sometimes statement necklaces are fun too, but I often opt for a few rings, a bangle bracelet, maybe a necklace (certainly could have added one here!). I chose an anklet to spice up my sneakers here!

I hope these tips are helpful and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! What are some of your favorite ways to style up your active apparel after leaving the gym? Let me know below 🙂




Photography by Eliza Howard

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