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Women's Felt Fedora Hat

Women's Felt Hat

Top: Prana on sale! Flannel top: Athleta, similar on salesimilar Pants: Athleta Scarf: Madewell, sold out, similar Shoes: Old, similar

Hey guys! I wanted to share some fun and easy ways to accessorize a basic athleisure look. This is a great weekend outfit for running errands, or meeting a friend for coffee. These pants are super comfy and a fun alternative to leggings (which I live in!).  You can pair them with whatever cute sneakers you have in your closet! They are also great for hiking or bike riding!

Here Are My 4 Top Tips For How to Accessorize an Outfit: 

  1. Add a Hat- Whether it’s a cute ball cap with a fun picture, quote, or logo, or a felt hat, or a warmer winter beanie, you can’t go wrong!
  2. Add a Scarf- This can be a longer, thicker scarf or a small little neck scarf or bandana like mine here. I am just getting into the neck scarf trend and love it! It feels so Parisian to me (one of my fav places in the world)! There are a few different ways to tie a neck scarf- you could just tie it once through and have more of the scarf hang down (better with a v-neckline than what I’m wearing), but I love tying it tighter like I’ve done here and having the knot off to the side, not centered. Makes it look like you just threw it on casually (even if it took a bit of tweaking!).
  3. Add Unexpected Jewelry- I have added an anklet to my look here which I think is different and more unexpected. I like how it brings attention to my sneakers, which are often an important part of an athleisure look. I also added my Madewell gold ring- I have always loved rings!
  4. Add a “Third Piece”- You may have heard of the “rule of thirds” for an outfit, but in case you haven’t, it means adding a third piece to add an extra bit of interest and dimension to a look. So here I have added the flannel plaid shirt wrapped around my waist. The third piece could be a coat, scarf, vest, etc.

I really hope these tips are helpful and inspire you to mix up your outfits and add some extra dimension and style to your everyday looks! As always, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions below! And if you have any tips for how to accessorize an outfit definitely let me know below as well! I love new inspiration too 🙂




Photography: Eliza Howard


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