Hi Friends!

As my family and close friends could tell you, I have an innate desire to travel, explore, and adventure! I have been lucky enough to have visited several amazing places in my life so far and can’t wait to visit more! These are my current bucket list ideas, but it is ever-growing:

1. Bali~ I remember a dear family friend, who lived in Indonesia for some time while I was a child, coming to visit us and bringing me and my sister the most ornate gifts from this magical looking land. Necklaces with turquoise and bright red stones, so vibrant and alive with color and culture. And let’s not forget about the pristine beaches and terraced green rice paddies.


2. Fiji~ This has always sounded like a far-away dreamy place. I imagine myself (and my sweet husband of course) lounging on the beach with pina coladas all day!

3. Amalfi Coast/ Positano, Italy~ How romantic would it be to wake up with the sea breeze softly blowing the curtains open to a little balcony over-looking the ocean? Lounging on the beach while sipping on wine and nibbling fresh baked pizza. Yes please!

4. Australia~ Every time I look at pictures of the beaches in Australia, I “ooh” and “aah” out loud! Until recently, I had been too worried about the long flight to the land down under to seriously consider visiting. But once I discovered some amazing Instagram accounts from Australians living by amazing beaches, my mind completely changed! Now I can’t wait to get down there! I mean, this beach is insanely gorgeous!

5. Tulum~ Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this turquoise water?! I haven’t experienced this kind of clear blue water, but know I will love it! I would also love to explore the Mayan ruins and the Cenotes caves and of course eat lots of fresh fruit!

You will probably notice something all these places have in common- BEACHES! Even as I write this, I am tempted to start looking at airline tickets! These pictures are making me giddy and giving me the itch to hop on a plane and escape winter!

What are your bucket list ideas? Have you visited any of the places above? If so, I would love any and all recommendations of things to do and places to stay! 🙂



  1. Wow, such beautiful photos! And I can just feel your beautiful enthusiasm pouring forth as I read your post! I would love to tag along on any or all of these trips with you–a true delight!

    • Catherine H Reply

      And I forgot to add my bucket list of destinations:
      1. Greek islands
      2. New Zealand
      3. Somewhere northern where I can see the northern lights! Maybe Iceland? I hear it’s beautiful 🙂

    • Serene Summerfield Reply

      Thanks! I would love for you to join us 😊

  2. Cassandra Maffey Reply

    Oooh, I love all of these choices! The ocean is deeply nourishing–especially when the water is calm and warm. You will loooooove Tulum! It’s one of our favorite places. A couple spots to add from my list: the Seychelles and The Grenadines!!!

    • Serene Summerfield Reply

      I think the ocean is so healing too! I can’t wait to visit Tulum, hopefully we can make it happen soon! I will check out those places 🙂

    • Serene Summerfield Reply

      Ooh that’s wonderful! I will be referencing your Bali travel guides when I eventually make it there 🙂


    • Serene Summerfield Reply

      Thank you! I can’t wait to visit all these amazing places!


    • Serene Summerfield Reply

      Thank you so much! I hope you get to Bali and Positano soon 🙂


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