It’s that time of year again~ time to set goals and resolutions for the New Year ahead! I feel like this can be exciting and challenging at the same time. To be honest, I haven’t always been the best at journaling  about my goals and then really remembering to hold myself accountable throughout the year. But I’m hoping this year will be different! My husband and I are writing down our goals together and will keep each other accountable!

Here is my New Year goals list:

1. Maintain a Consistent Fitness Routine~ I have  liked dabbling in different workouts throughout the years, but this year I want to maintain a regular routine. I will still mix things up though! My favorites are yoga, hiking, barre classes, and floor routines at home (there’s some great Youtube fitness channels!). My goal is to do a workout 3-5 days a week.

2. Move to the West Coast~ My husband and I are both originally from the West Coast (Tristan from Seattle, I am from Vancouver, Canada) and we both miss it so much! We are both ocean people and would spend everyday at the beach if we could. We are in search of a cute, warm, sunny beach town, so if you have any favorites, please share below 🙂

3. Become a Full-Time Blogger~ It has been a dream of mine to have portable work (such as blogging) to be able to travel the world, live anywhere, and still able to work and support my life financially. I have been truly enjoying the blogging journey so far and look forward to it being my only work!

4. Travel More! I have always had a longing to travel the world and discover new cultures, foods, and climates. Luckily my husband has the same dream! I have been fortunate enough to have visited Europe a couple times, Costa Rica, and many amazing cities in the US. But some other places on our list are: Bali, Maui, Tulum, Thailand, Greece, Italy, and the South of France! What are some of your favorite places around the world?

5. Get a Dog~ My family had two dogs when I was growing up and I fell in love with the companionship they give. My mom must have said at least 1,000 times, “I never knew I could love an animal so much.” It’s so true! I miss having a loving, loyal animal in the house. I know having a pet is a big commitment, but the love they give in return is so worth it!

6. Remember to not Take Things too Seriously / Be Playful~ I tend to be a worrier, which often does no good. I believe playfulness is so important at any age! So I am going to work on not sweating the small stuff.

What is on your new year goals list this year? I would love to hear about your goals to get more inspiration!




Photography by: Dawn Brady


  1. I love this list! I have been brainstorming my New Years list, but haven’t written anything down. Reading this has inspired me to journal and create a vision board about them so that I can really manifest what I want! A few of mine are:

    1) Attract a kind, successful, loving man who is the perfect life partner for me.

    2) Create 7-10 new pieces and get my work represented by at least one gallery (I’m a sculptor, you can check out my work at

    3) Get back to my ideal weight through healthy eating and exercise.

    4) Remember to be mindful and content more often in my life, during both the good and the hard moments.

    • Serene Summerfield Reply

      Thank you for sharing your goals! I believe we can all manifest what we want in life! I love your goals and can’t wait to see you accomplish them. Love you!


  2. Love your list! I feel like you would really like a book I read recently called “Better Than Before” the author also has a podcast called “Happier-with Gretchen Rubin.” She has dedicated her research to the power of habit and it is all about how to create and maintain habits ( or goals). Anyway I’m so excited to see where 2017 takes you!

    • Serene Summerfield Reply

      Thanks Rae! I will definitely check out that book! I haven’t always been the best at creating regular habits (my sanguine nature), but hoping to change that 🙂


    • Serene Summerfield Reply

      Thank you! That’s amazing that you were able to make that transition last year. Good for you! 🙂 Your blog is beautiful~ I love reading your posts! I would love to hear more about how you were able to do it! Do you have any specific tips? Feel free to email (if that’s better) at 🙂


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