Top: Satva Living Leggings: Lululemon

As I have mentioned in my bio page, I am going to feature different sustainable and eco friendly clothing lines whenever I find ones I love! So I would like to introduce you to the company Satva Living; a fashionable athletic wear brand focusing on using certified organic cotton for all their garments. There is only a small percentage of lycra added for stretch. The name of their company, Satva, even means pure! So you can bet they are walking their talk and keeping their products super pure for the sake of our health and the health of the environment. The farm they source their cotton from implements sustainable practices and never uses any toxic pesticides, fertilizers, or dyes- all the dyes used are plant based!

I think the best place to start with organic cotton or natural fiber clothing is undergarments as they are closest to our skin, but whenever possible, I am working on bringing more sustainable pieces into my wardrobe. Luckily organic yoga clothing is becoming more stylish and fashion forward!

The first piece I tried from Satva Living is this Kala Cami in wave print. I think the pattern is so fun, yet still chic and easy to style since it’s neutral colors. The back detailing is also a bonus! As you can probably tell from my other posts, I love back detailing! 🙂 I have worn this top to yoga classes and on hikes and it performs great! Stays in place well and is nice and soft. I recommend checking out their clothing line!

I love finding joy in the little things, like organic yoga clothing that is comfy, sustainable, and stylish! Are there any sustainable fashion brands that you love? I would love to check them out!



  1. What size did you try? I’m trying to figure out the right size for me

    • Serene Summerfield Reply

      I got size small but I don’t like super tight shirts, so I would probably size up next time 🙂 So glad you’re going to try them out!

  2. Was the small uncomfortably tight? I think it looks good! I’m trying to decide whether to go with small or medium. I do like my shirts fitted but don’t want it to be uncomfortable. Thank you!

    • Serene Summerfield Reply

      I think if you like your shirts fitted than small should work 🙂

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