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Prana Women's Pants

Hello friends!

I have been working on keeping my yoga practice more consistent (always tricky around the holidays!). Having cute yoga apparel helps! I enjoy the peace and quiet that yoga classes give. It makes me slow down and breathe and focus on the truly important things in life. I love feeling my muscles slowly warm up throughout a yoga session. Feeling a bit stiff during that first down dog, then by the end of class being able to really bend into that dog position! Feels so good!

I have been loving Prana’s yoga apparel and created this outfit because I love this pretty bluish purple color! The top has a fun, creative pattern and nice scrappy details on the back (which I always love!). I like how it fits a bit looser around the midsection, but is fitted around the bust to hold everything in place 😉

The bottoms are a nice length for warmer days and workouts and a nice, soft fabric. They are not high rise, but also don’t dig into the tummy. They are also great for running and hiking!

What are some of your favorite brands for yoga clothing? I always love trying out new brands! 🙂




Photography by: Eliza Howard


    • Serene Summerfield Reply

      Totally inspires me too! 🙂 We can all inspire each other to stay healthy and fit (and stylish of course).


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