Valentine’s Day is almost here and in the spirit of love, I would like to share some of the ways that I have learned to show myself love. Self esteem exercises aren’t always easy for us to do, but they are so important, and once you figure out your favorite ways to show yourself love, it feels so good! There are endless things that you can do to care for yourself, you just have to find the things that bring you the most joy!

Here is my list of self love tips:

  1. Paint your nails (while listening to your favorite music) or get your nails done at a salon. It feels so glamorous but doesn’t break the bank.
  2. Buy yourself little gifts, like fresh flowers, chocolate, or a little piece of jewelry.
  3. Take a bath with candles, dried rose petals, bath salts, and music. So relaxing on a cold winter’s night!
  4. Read your favorite magazines or book (preferably snuggled up in bed or poolside!)
  5. Inner Smile Meditation- this is an ancient Daoist practice where you focus on different parts of your body and smile to and give appreciation to each one. You can’t help but have a huge grin on your face by the end and it feels so nourishing.
  6. Intentionally lather lotion on your body after a shower and thank your body for everything it does for you and help remind yourself that you are beautiful, as we all are, flaws and all! It is so easy to be critical of ourselves when we look in the mirror, but it’s so important to remember that we are all beautiful just as we are!

This last practice was inspired by my dear yogi friend, Rae, of the alternative lifestyle blog Nothing Needs To Be Done. She shares her wisdom of yoga, recipes, and much more on her blog. I recommend checking it out 🙂

I hope these practices can be inspiration for you to practice self love more regularly! I know it can be tricky to make time for ourselves, but I promise you won’t regret it !

What are some of your favorite self love practices? I always love adding new things to my list!





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