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I am so happy that you are here! It brings me such joy to be able to share my love for fashion, style, comfort, and health with you all. I have been a lover of fashion ever since I can remember (I was the one who would always remember what dress someone wore to the holiday party). But being comfortable and casual is also a priority! Enter the athleisure trend. The first time I slipped into a pair of soft Lululemon leggings, I immediately fell in love. No more tight jean buttons digging into my belly? Yes please! And the sleek, form- fitting style actually made me feel more confident (and sexy!) because good leggings hold everything in in all the right places 😉 Remember, strong and healthy is sexy too! I quickly found that I wanted to wear my leggings for more activities than just yoga and now with all the stylish pieces available, it’s possible!

These leggings are from Prana, an amazing company dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices. Of course we all love a classic black legging, but I wanted to mix it up with these purple ones! They are nice, soft material and I like the length for runs outside on warmer days or for sweatier workouts inside. They aren’t the most body sculpting, but they are definitely comfy!

My top is from Lululemon and has mesh detail on the sides which allows for air ventilation during harder workouts. I liked the slick material and sleek cut. I like dressing up a fitness look slightly by adding interesting jackets and accessories. I threw this jean jacket on after my evening run (with my husband) once the temp dropped on our walk back.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like these pictures shot against the Rockies in Boulder, CO.

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